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About Us

ElevareCo is a family owned and operated business run by two brothers, Joe and Jack Tran. We have always been driven by family and positive change. Before ElevareCo, we always knew we wanted to impact the world in a positive way, inspire more people to live a happy, and fulfilled life.

As a company, the first positive change we worked on was creating a smoking device that has a sophisticated feel to it, unlike the traditional smoking essential that you would hide away in the back of your closet when you had guests over. We wanted to create something that looks and feels more like an elegant appliance that you can show off and be a conversational piece. People shouldn’t feel awkward about consuming herbal blends. We do it because it benefits our lives. Why hide the beauty of that?

As kids, we loved playing with laser pointers. As adults, we found a way to integrate this advanced technology into a smoking device. Setting the stage for the future, we’ve designed a powerful laser ignition smoking device that is simple to use, beautiful to showcase, and cleaner for the body than inhaling butane fumes from a lighter. As an added bonus feature, it’s honestly a mesmerizing to experience. What better symbol of progression for our industry than lasers?