Elevare Saber

  • $459.99

Product Info

The Saber is an advanced high powered laser ignition aromatherapy smoking device that offers a similar experience you would get from using the sun and a magnifying glass.


The device is controlled by a single button, has 3 power levels and uses a USB-C charger capable of 280 draws on a single charge. The mesmerizing high tech laser is a beautiful thing to witness, so we’ve designed the chamber to absorb laser scatter for safe viewing. 


The Saber's laser technology paired with a sophisticated design not only fits seamlessly into any lifestyle but also challenges the stigma behind conventional smoking devices.


Try a brand new experience. Join the movement. Get your Saber today.


Features of the Saber

  • - 1 button design for intuitive use and sweet simplicity.
  • - 3 heat settings for your preferred smoking style:
    • - Low – best for delicate, dry herbs;
    • - Medium – ideal for dense herbs (recommended setting);
    • - High – perfect for herbs infused with oil.
  • - Fast charging through USB-C port. Fully charged in under 2 hours!
  • - Take it on the go with 280+ draws per charge.
  • - No lighter necessary.
  • - No more inhaled butane.
  • - Cleaner, more pure draws.
  • - Easy to take apart and assemble.
  • - Fast loading chamber swapping.
  • - Medical grade aluminum housing.
  • - Silicone hose.
  • - Laser chamber made of impact-resistant PMMA material associated with hockey panel windows.
  • - Easy clean water chamber. Simply soak in your favorite cleaning solution.
  • - Built-in water filter purifies and chills every draw.
  • - A conversational piece through sophisticated design that is made to be seen.
  • - Designed to change the way we view smoking essentials.
  • - Unique clean smoking experience.


  • 445 nm laser

  • 3 power settings 1.5w, 2w, 2.5w

  • 1h 45m fast charge for 280+ ignitions (USB-C)

  • 1 button design

What's inside

  • 1x Saber

  • 1x USB-c charging cable

  • 1x metal compressor

  • 1x herbal loading chamber 
  • 1x herbal shredder